The nicest way together

Bringing people closer together in the nicest way

Tallink Grupp is the leading, most modern, and sustainable ferry company operating in the northern part of the Baltic Sea, offering our guests and goods much more than transportation from
point A to B – we are the nicest way to travel.
We help you make time for the most important things in life, to reconnect with yourself and the people that matter. Our purpose is to bring people closer together, both on board and by connecting shores.

We create experiences that bring guests closer to each other as friends, family, and colleagues.


We foster a workplace culture that brings employees closer to guests, and to each other as a team.

We pursue sustainability goals, bringing our partners closer to each other as a community for a better tomorrow.



Come on board!
Let’s switch off our devices and look up at each other.
Let’s give gifts without waiting for Christmas.
Let’s catch the sunset and say the three words we rarely do.
Let’s fill dinner tables with laughter.
Let’s sing together in a language we don’t speak.
Let’s dance the night away with nana.
Let’s become friends with our colleagues.
Let’s become children with our children.
Because sailing, it isn’t just about getting closer to destinations.
It’s about getting closer, to each other.
Tallink Silja Line
The nicest way together

Draw and win

Send us a drawing of your nicest moments on board our ships with your family, friends, or even Harry the Seal!

Three lucky participants will win a cruise in our family cabin with complimentary breakfasts and dinners.


Drawings can be submitted up to April 30.

The winner will be announced on June 1.

Kids Drawings